Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bangalore creates world record in diabetes check-up

While the world was waging a battle against diabetes, Silicon City was engrossed in creating a Guinness World Record for diabetes check-up. On Sunday, a whopping 3,573 people were screened at the Palace Grounds and tests were conducted. Bangalore created a record when blood glucose level tests were conducted and measured in eight hours.
The event, organised by Novo Nordisk Education Foundation, on the eve of World Diabetes Day, set a record of the largest number of people tested for blood sugar levels.
“Diabetes is a growing malady that is destroying the lives of millions, thanks to the sedentary lifestyles. We have a responsibility to educate people with ways and means to tackle the epidemic,” said Bhaskar Rao, inspector general of police (anti-terrorist cell), Internal Security Division.
Melvin D’Souza, managing trustee, Novo Nordisk Education Foundation and MD of Nordisk India, received a certificate from officials of the Guinness Book of Records, UK. “More than 62 million people suffer from diabetes in India. Despite an adult prevalence rate of 6.2%, only 6 million to 7 million people get treated. The first step is to increase awareness about diabetes and detect it earlier. The Guinness Record is only one of the many activities we have undertaken. Our changing diabetes barometer project, with state government support, reaches people in rural areas also,” he said.
On the researchundertaken by the NNEF, he said, “Our research and educational grant programme Prerana encourages healthcare professionals to come up with ideas to change the management and, consequently, the outcome of diabetes in the country.”
The previous record was held by Kuwait where1,290 were screened for blood glucose levels in September. “Today, we beat them with a record number of 3,573 people. This was possible as we coordinated with various institutions like MS Ramaiah Institute, Victoria Hospital, and Bowring Hospital,” said Anupama Rao, project

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