Thursday, 4 April 2013

Scholarship opportunities

The UK is known for its quality higher studies and an interdisciplinary approach towards education. Be it the sciences, engineering or social sciences, it has a wide range of courses available at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and higher education levels.
It has a personal tutor or mentorship system, under which students get a guide within the university to discuss academic progress as well as general welfare, which helps to create a bonding and make students feel at home.
The UK is home to leading institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, etc, which rank amongst the top 200 in the world. Popular universities include Manchester, Southampton, Sheffield, Leicester, Sussex, Glasgow, Strathclyde and Bath. With the explosion of educational sanctions in the early 90s, the UK has seen about 60 new universities, notable amongst which are Kingston, Brighton, Coventry and Westminster.
While undergoing the process of admissions, students may miss applying for the existing scholarships. Research on the university websites can provide valuable information on the available financial aid. Scholarships are offered in popular fields like international business, marketing, finance, MBA, mechanical, electronics, automotive, computer sciences and IT, software engineering, biotechnology, genetics, neuroscience, economics, development studies, international relations, psychology, law and English literature, among others.
The University of Sheffield has an India bursary of £2,000 pounds for students. Higher order scholarships of up to £6,000 are available to students who show strong academic merit and on invitation.
The University of Southampton:
Scholarships of up to £2,000 are available for students in engineering and school of social sciences. Group scholarships for more than four students from the same institution are also offered.
The University of Leicester: Scholarships of up to £2,945 are offered to first class degree holders and £3,945 for students with marks above 70% in their degree examinations with 80% overall marks in class XII.
The University of Sussex: £3,000 fee waivers are available to 40 international students. Departmental scholarships of £3,000 pounds are available in engineering, law, social sciences and management. Economics and development scholarships to the tune of £5,000 are also available to a few high achievers.
The University of Kingston: Scholarships of up to £3,300 are available for candidates at UG and PG levels.
External scholarships include British Commonwealth Scholarships , Inlaks Foundation, JN Tata Endowment and the Ratan Tata Scholarships, to name a few. A seminar on scholarships and entry conditions will be organised for students who aspire to explore the UK as a destination for higher studies from November 15-17 by Education Pathways India at 1123, 11Floor, Hemkunt Chambers, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 . Candidates are requested to call 9911798498 or (011) 46585348 and take prior appointments.

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