Thursday, 4 April 2013

India to tie up with Oz state in infra, finance and sports

New South Wales is poised to be the new face of Australia for India when it comes to development, according to Barry O’Farrell, who is premier of the southeastern state of the continent-country.
The 52-year-old leader of South Wales’s liberal party told to Business Standard his state was working out partnerships with India in infrastructure, finance, sports and education.

“There is a 30-member trade delegation from New South Wales here in India to give a glimpse of the array of opportunities we offer,” he said. The modern trade investment, he added, was “all about partnerships”. The Conferederation of Indian Industry was visiting Sydney to explore the opportunities.
O’Farrell said the response from Indian companies had been “good”. He has already held met with Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma and Godrej Group of Industries chairman, Adi Godrej. Infrastructure is also an area where New South Wales is looking for Indian partners. “We are looking for investors for our state infrastructure projects. Also, engineering and construction companies from my state are looking to partner with India,” he added.
O’Farrell termed Australia’s ban on uranium sale to India as “stupid”, and hoped it would be lifted. “I believe that the ban will end when a new federal government is elected in Australia. But, yes, I want the existing government to make the change.”
Education is also a crucial sector that New South Wales is promoting. Farrell said it would take a while before the memory of the past attacks on Indian students fade, but said the issue had been addressed.
“New South Wales is an extremely safe place for the Indian students. We cannot be held liable for the past incidents in other states,” he said.
O’Farell said the Mumbai Cricket Association and Cricket New South Wales will from now collaborate in a big way. Apart from the exchange of coaching techniques and facilities between the two partners, an MoU to be signed on this tomorrow will concentrate on the partnership between the two nations, especially on injuries to the players. “We want that your cricketers should have long careers,” he said.

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